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In business since 2004, Body and Mind Pilates Plus has a beautiful studio located on north Randall Road in Crystal Lake. It is owned and operated by Julie Williams, a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Pilates Instructor and PMA Certified Instructor. Pilates Classes and Sessions in Mat and Apparatus are offered 7 days a week and are taught exclusively by Fully Trained and Certified Staff. At Body And Mind Pilates Plus we promise to offer Quality Authentic Pilates Training customized to fit all of your Health and Fitness Needs.

Julie Williams
Julie became a Licensed Physical Therapist in 1989. Since then she worked primarily in Sports Medicine, but also taught at Ohio University in their Physical Therapy Program. She developed and ran a successful exercise program for the University focusing on Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Exercise. In 2003 she completed her Personal Training Certification through National Council On Strength And Fitness and in 2004 completed her first Certification in Pilates Mat and Apparatus Training through The Professional Health and Fitness Institute. With a true passion for Pilates, she opened her first studio under the name Body and Mind Pilates Plus in Carpentersville. It was then that she began to pursue her second Certification through The Pilates Institute of America. Following Certification, Julie was chosen as Lead Educator for PIA and, using her deeper knowledge of The Pilates Method, began to offer Certification Training for PIA and opportunities for Apprenticeships in her new studio in West Dundee. Julie opened her first studio in West Dundee in November 2006 . Julie opened her current location in Crystal Lake in July 2008. This larger space allowed her to add Group Classes using her Certifications in Xtend Barre , TRX, and ORBIT. She completed her third Certification through the Pilates Method Alliance in October of 2013. Julie's background in Physical Therapy allows her to teach Authentic Pilates Exercise and Group Fitness with the Correct Modifications to allow clients to enjoy its benefits safely and effectively. She promises that at Body and Mind Pilates Plus every client is treated as an Individual and Pilates will be an experience, not just a workout.

Julie Williams

Lori Lewan
I began as a client of Julie’s in 2006. My interest quickly moved from my own practice of The Method to learning more about teaching it to others. I am currently completing Instructor Training on all Apparatus and I am fully Certified in Mat Pilates through The Pilates Institute of America. I am very excited to continue to learn and teach all levels of Pilates. I believe that when you are working hard at Pilates and continue to fine-tune the technique, the transformation of the body is amazing.
Lori Lewan

Angie Hasse
I began as a client of Julie’s at Body and Mind Pilates Plus in March 2006 and the Pilates Method quickly became my love and passion. I began training under Julie in May 2008. Currently, I am Fully Certified in Mat Pilates through Pilates Institute of America (PIA). I have completed my full apparatus training in preparation for Full Certification through Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Additionally, I am a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. I have personally experienced the hardships and challenges which come with losing weight, and it excites me to now help others experience the joy of becoming a healthy person.

Bonnie Beck Bonnie Beck
I have always enjoyed going to the gym and working out, but as I was getting older and starting to see some changes within my body I decided to go to a nutritionist and start a more personal training program. Reading and hearing so many positive things about pilates I started training at a studio in Crystal Lake. I LOVED IT! And continued taking classes at least five days a week. In 2008 I decided to begin my training to learn to teach pilates. I got certified for mat and reformer pilates with June Kahn. I also changed studios and came to Julie. There I continued learning, as I started training with Julie on all the apparatus pieces. I now continue to build on my trainings with other certifications like piloxing, zumba, and yoga. I am working towards my hours to take the Pilates Method Alliance certification. Pilates has truly changed my life, I love every minute that I can learn and help others learn pilates technique.

Michelle McMahon
My love and passion for yoga has guided me to pursue my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate through LifePower Yoga as directed by Jonny Kest. I have maintained a strong personal practice of Vinyasa Yoga for 1o years, and am always learning new ways to deepen my practice. Yoga is a beautiful way to connect the mind, body, and spirit as well as strengthen and tone the body. My vinyasa style aims to inspire, motivate, and empower students to find thier edge in each and every practice. Because Yoga is a practice, there is always room for growth and challenge. I am thrilled to be a part of Body and Mind Pilates Plus as your Yoga Guide.

Jen Frisby
I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years. I would go so far as to say it saved my life. I was a marathon runner and continually worked out with no caution. I beat my adrenals to a pulp and found myself in the hospital several times. With yoga came balance. The changes happened not only physically but mentally. My classes are challenging and fun! The benefits of yoga are felt immediately and with continued practice comes lasting transformation.

2000 Ayurvedic Nutrtion
2005 YogaFit
2011 Yoga Alliance 200 RYT
2014 Foundation Training

Nancy Meyers
Shortly after my son was born in 2005 I started taking yoga classes and I loved it! I saw and felt changes immediately! I was amazed at how much could be accomplished while moving around a 2' x 6' space. I took yoga teacher training in 2013 only to deepen my practice; however, once I was certified, I wanted to teach! I really enjoy teaching ~ I try to make it fun and add a little humor when I can.  
One of my favorite things about vinyasa yoga (my favorite format to teach) is that it's very challenging, but it's such an accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere. You can rest, take a break, or slow it down anytime. Any yoga class you take is as difficult as you choose to make it. You move at your own pace.
Yoga isn't about being "bendy" and flexible. It will make you more flexible, definitely, but it also involves strength, balance, and endurance. It will make you more peaceful, calm, patient and confident. It involves your breath, your body, and your mind. You will be become stronger physically and emotionally. You'll make a true connection with yourself. I'm so happy to be a part of the Body and Mind Pilates Plus yoga team and hope to spread the JOY of yoga! Namaste!


Ava Grzegorczk
Hesitant to believe that yoga would be enough of a "workout", I first found myself in a heated yoga class in 2010. While in pursuit of a routine to replace my running regimen during the cold winter months, I decided to try a studio that a friend had recommended. Fast-forward 60 minutes, I quickly realized how wrong I was. Feeling exhausted and energized all at the same time, I left with a sense of peace and renewal. It was a game-changer. What began simply as the search for physical activity, soon turned into a life-changing practice that provides me with an emotional, physical and spiritual release that keeps me grounded and centered. 

I completed my 200 RYT teacher training in the Spring of 2014 and love sharing this part of my life with others. I believe that yoga is a transformational process encouraging individuals to let go of false limitations, fears and ego. I love to challenge my students both physically and mentally, and include a kick-butt soundtrack for their journey through creative asanas, mindful pranayama, and inspirational messages and theming. And most of all, I hope to inspire my students to take yoga off their mats… and into their lives.

Cassandra Cassandra Grove
Fitness has always been a joy and drive in my life. I believe in respecting our bodies by taking the best care of them we are able to, and then some, but also the balance of never getting so lost in a healthy lifestyle that it takes priority over those we love. Personally I have found such peace in running, hiking, pilates, and barre that it motivated me to get others to love it too. In 2010 I was certified in BeyondBarre in New York and taught there up until moving to this area. Now, in 2015, I received my certification to teach Xtend Barre. I am thrilled to help all to reach their fitness goals and feel their body's full potential!


Renee Hofman
I am passionate about living a healthy, well-balanced life full of meaning, growth , love  and grace. Yoga continues to awaken me to the beauty and simple moments of life and every time I practice I am learning about myself and the limits of my body.  I enjoy the physical challenge and the peaceful energy yoga brings into my life on and off the mat. Yoga teaches all facets of grace, patience, compassion, kindness and fills my spirit like nothing else I know.  My drive to teach comes from deep within and my classrooms are fun, energetic, peaceful and filled with love. I am excited to continue my journey and feel so blessed to have such amazing people to teach and learn from every step of the way.